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Welcome to The Dawnsaga's new website, built with the fabulous wiki technology of TikiWiki? by the fantastic efforts of the diverse hands collaborating with Aeondawn (that's you, or could be you!).

If you are a participant in Vala Club or Shifting Sands (&/or it's mysterious "M-Group" aspect (Learn more about Vala Club (external link), Learn more about Shifting Sands (external link)) then you already know somewhere between a little and a lot about The Dawnsaga and this website. If not then we hope to establish contact soon.

As we continue to evolve the system for participating in the creation of this website concise descriptions will be added on this home page and then probably shifted to purpose built pages when we get around to dawnasizing this home page.

You will need to register first (right side of page), wait for your registration to be approved and then confirm it by using the link sent to the email address you registered with. THEN the admin will assign you permissions according to the esteem in which you are held in the great Dawnsaga scheme of things (ahh yes truly an open egalitarian system). Register with a user name that admin can easily recognize, preferably the user name you were issued with by Vala Club during an actual program (not a character name), otherwise admin will be unable to assign permissions.

Until you register you can't see any pages, let alone contribute or even participate in general.

Create a page for each of your characters first, and then links within pages to Dawnsaga subject material with which your character is familiar.

Pages are first and foremost for Dawnsaga content/subject material. Shifting Sands participants are humbly requested to contribute content to do with places, settings, scenes etc in The Dawnsaga.
This guideline has been extended to encompass broader Dawn related content especially Horrors of the Unguided Void.
A special field of the website has been set aside for development of different aspects of the FRPGDawn Experience (eg. Vala Club, Rail of Cthulhu) and the Dawn20 System.
Cross-character chat etc is to be restricted to forums and blogs... lest thou lose thine priveleges!

Star Getting started.

Read Guidelines To Developing on the Dawnsaga.Net

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